Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming documentary about the 1997 Roadshow! You didn't think 12 performers would let such an event go undocumented, did you? Sini Anderson is currently hard at work picking through the bounty of video footage gathered from tour, weeding out the gratuitous lip-synchs and the many middle fingers flipped at the camera.

Hopefully we will have other Spit merchandise to git to you soon!! about the latest stuff here.....

Currently available is "I Spit On Your Country: Words From The '97 Roadshow", a spoken word CD featuring performers from the 1997 tour, on Mouth Almighty Records. How do you pick up this gem? Um . . . I'm not so sure. We'll be selling them at every show, but if you're not in San Francisco, and won't be on our route this summer, then get in contact with Tara by emailing her any requests you may have. She'll do what she can to get you one of our kick-ass CD's --that's why they call her the Wolf. It might take some time before that's up, but go ahead and try and we'll keep you posted.

We plan to have a mailorder section up soon (as soon as the spit broads come back from tour and we have some of the stuff here.). The '98 tour cd will be available then too -- they took all the copies with them.


Sister Spit - The Movie? Yup! If you hit any of the Sister Spit shows this summer, you may recall seeing host Sini Anderson with a video camera growing out of her hand. That's because Sini's making a movie! Using her own footage as well as performance footage gathered by Samuael Topiary, the work-in-progress is titled "I Spit On Your Country," and will be a feature-length documentary filled with performance clips, van action, under-the-barstool hijinx, backstage hysteria, literary interviews, filthy language, and lots of lip-synching! Sini is currently brainstorming about grantwriting, and hopes to get the funding she needs to bring this project to the screen.
    If you are interested in helping make the dream real, and are able to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution, or you can offer any suggestions and guidance on grantwriting and fundraising, please read on!
    Like all Sister Spit projects, this one is happening with basically no funding, so we need your help! There is little historical documentation about the lives & work of queer artists - we don't want to let this amazing experience slip by unrecorded.

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